Compete To Win!

Compete to win a share of the $2,000 cash purse that will be offered at each event in 2018!

If you don't find yourself on the top of the leaderboard, the competition doesn't stop there, because we are offering a reward for the best score in each tee time grouping. After completing your round, report to the scoring desk inside the Clubhouse to verify your scores and the winner will enjoy a refreshing free beverage!

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Course Design

The course design and layout will be new at each venue location. Events returning to the same venue as previous years will have newly designed course layouts that will give you new and epic golf shots from different locations around the stadium.

Join us this year for an enhanced and all-new Stadiumlinks experience!

VIP Package Enhancements

The VIP Package has been newly enhanced for 2018 to include the following amenities:

  • Exclusive access to VIP Lounge (located inside premium stadium area) with one complimentary food/beverage item
  • Private VIP tee box at each hole providing a more leisurely experience with less wait time along the course
  • VIP practice range gives you unique opportunity to hit practice shots at the targets on the playing field
  • Complimentary bag of practice golf balls provided at the range
  • Gifted Stadiumlinks branded, athletic t-shirt

General Event Enhancements

The standard event amenities have been newly enhanced for 2018 to include the following additions:

  • 2 complimentary golf balls provided for all players at each hole
  • Multiple tee boxes at each hole to cut down tee box wait times
  • Access to netted warm-up bays for all registered players
  • Live scoring app to keep track of scoring and live scoreboard
  • Adjusted yardage will be posted for each hole at each of the nine tee boxes, making your club selection easier and more accurate.